Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month

Congress designed February as Black History Month in February 1986 because it holds the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln. Both these men held to eliminate slavery. Throughout this month, make it a goal to do the following five acts.

  • Visit 5 Black-owned businesses
  • Learn about 5 noteworthy Black figures
  • Donate to 5 anti-racism charities (even if it’s small amounts!)

February 11: Tammy Baldwin’s Birthday

Happy Birthday, Tammy Baldwin! She’s a living example of why representation is important as the first openly LGBT woman elected to both houses of Congress. The United States is made up of people of various ethnicities, races, sexualities, backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, beliefs, etc. and our representatives should reflect that. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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February 14: Frederick Douglass’ Birthday

Happy Birthday, Frederick Douglass! Douglass is a big name in abolition history. After escaping slavery himself, Douglass committed himself to pursuing freedom for everyone. You can learn more about his journey by reading his most famous autobiography called Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave.

February 15: Nirvana Day

Nirvana Day is the annual multicultural festival that commemorates the death of the Buddha once he reached Nirvana. You may also hear this festival called Parinirvana. Buddhists will celebrate Nirvana Day by visiting temples or monasteries and meditating. Take some time to practice meditation and reflect if you want to observe this day as well.

February 15: Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday

Susan B. Anthony is one of the most famous women involved in the suffrage movement. She was also an advocate for temperance, labor rights, equal pay for equal work, and abolition. Continue Anthony’s work by volunteering with a local women’s rights organization.

February 22: Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting and prayer that kicks off the season of Lent in Christianity. Catholics celebrate Ash Wednesday by heading to mass and having ashes drawn in the shape of a cross upon their forehead. However, not all denominations practice this day the same way. Others may just have a day of reflection or fasting.

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Final Thoughts

Those are February’s upcoming diversity days. Which one are you most looking forward to celebrating this month? Which cultural celebrations and traditions are new to you? Look for our March Diversity Calendar to stay updated for next month!

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